The Bunches of Distilleria Revel Chion

The Bunches of Distilleria Revel Chion

Founded in 1850, thedistilleria revel chion is now one of the few distilleries in the province of Turin to still be in operation.

"Workhorse" of the distillery is certainly the Grappa della Serra,obtained from mixed pomace of Barbera, Nebbiolo and Erbaluce grapes and so named in honor of the Serra di Ivrea,a moraine hill of glacial origin that characterizes the Canavesan territory.

Grappa della Serra, after an aging of about 24 months in oak barrels, is called reserve. And it is this precious grappa that is used for the production of the famous "Grappini". To enclose it is a shell of sugar crystals covered with dark chocolate.

How do you make bunches?

The production process is very particular and is well explained on the site of the Protected Areas of the Piedmontese Po:

The processing consists in hot-preparing (110°C) the filling (core), composed of water syrup and sugar with the addition of aged grappa; the whole thing is cast into preprinted starch alveoli. By cooling, the oversalting solution creates an external crystallization of the sugar that conglosses the distillate. The "souls" are separated from starch and covered with chocolate; after a stay of about 15 minutes at a temperature of 13-14°C, the finished chocolate is wrapped and labeled with aluminum and ties.
(cit. Protected Areas Po piedmontese)

Buy the Grappini

Would you like to taste them? You can buy the bunches and other specialties of the Distilleria Revel Chion on Katuma, the portal of Canavesian food and wine excellences: click here!

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