Cuisine: the rediscovery of hemp

Cuisine: the rediscovery of hemp

A little clarity

Hemp and marijuana are the same plant; to distinguish them is the concentration of THC, the active ingredient that causes psychotropic effects.

Hemp used for food use has almost zero psychoactive content: to grow it, in fact, the value of THC must be less than 0.2-0.6%. Green light therefore for the purchase and consumption of products based on hemp oil and flour!

The properties of hemp

The cultivation of sativa hemp is highly sustainable for theenvironment, because it needs little water and no pesticides. It is no coincidence that in the last 3 years in Italy the cultivation of hemp has experienced a boom: according to Coldiretti +200%! But what are the health benefits? The Ministry of Health - with a circular of 22 May 2009 - has recognized the high nutritional values and merits of this plant. Hemp seed,in fact, is considered "Holistic Food" because it provides a wide range of nutrients that the human body needs: it has a good amount of protein (20-25%), carbohydrates (20-30%) and fiber (10-15%), but above all it contains all 9 essential amino acids that we must take through food. It is also rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 in optimal ratio and does not contain gluten.

How to use hemp seeds, oil and flour

Whole seed: like the other seeds, in the preparation of bread, breadsticks, pizzas, various biscuits. Smoothie in water and filtered to produce hemp milk (100 grams in 1 liter of water).

Whole toasted and ground seed: in biscuits such as amaretti, crispy and similar. As a supplement: take one or more teaspoons a day of toasted seed powder. To toast: heat a pan in medium heat, lower a few handfuls of well-dry seeds, stir again so that they do not burn; are ready when they start bursting in quantity. Salt and add chilli to flavor.

Decorticato seed: pure in addition to pasta, soups, salads, cheese, yogurt, ice cream. Very pleasant taste. By blending it you can make a spreadable cream; with the addition of garlic and a few hemp leaves, a good pesto.

Seed oil: pure raw to season salads, fish, pasta, meat carpaccio. For those who do not want to give up the flavor of olive oil: mixed 20% with extra virgin olive oil, always to season raw. NOT SUITABLE FOR FRYING.

Hemp flour: gives a nutty taste and a golden brown color to the doughs in which it is added. Excellent in addition to other types of flours. It can replace cereal flour in proportion from 7 to 20 percent - depending on taste - in the doughs of all baked goods (breadsticks, breadsticks, pizzas, friselle, taralli, biscuits), in the batter of crepes, in béchamel sauce, in homemade pasta (even with fillings), dumplings, shortcrust pastry, flours in general. In the preparation of cakes and biscuits it is necessary to halve the amount of butter indicated in the recipe because hemp flour already contains a part of oil. You can use up to a third of the total in macaroots and other cookies.

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