Genepì: the mountain in a glass

Genepì: the mountain in a glass

What is the genepì?

The genepì is first of all a spontaneous aromatic plant that is born in the Alps at an altitude of 2000-2500 meters. It can be found in almost the entire Alpine arc and, due to its poor spread, in 1928 it became a protected plant.

As such, and in order to continue to produce thehomonymous liqueurtypical of Piedmont and valle d'Aosta, the artemisia mutellinaspecies has begun to be cultivated, which grows between 1500 and 2000 meters above sea level. Are there any differences between spontaneous and cultivated genetics? Essentially not. The only difference can be related to the height of cultivation: the more you manage to go at altitude the higher the concentration of essential oils, but the components do not change.

How do I make liquor?

Between the end of June and August the plant's inflowers are harvested, which are dried in airy rooms such as floors or barns or in special dryers. After about 15 days the genepì is transferred to jute bags, where it is stored until the liquor is produced. The methods of gene production are essentially 2:

    1. Infusion. The flowers are put in stainless steel containers filled with a hydroalcolic solution and left to infuse for 30 to 40 days. The infusion obtained is then pressed and added a mixture of water and sugar, which will complement the liqueur. The genepì will be of a color varying from greenish to amber yellow and will have an alcohol content between 30 and 40 °.
    2. Sleep. Flowers, closed in an airtight container, are kept suspended above alcohol but not in contact with it. The extraction, therefore, is done by the vapors of alcohol that are created at room temperature. This process is longer than the infusion: in fact, it needs 90 days for suspension and 100 or 150 days for seasoning. The result is a transparent liqueur with an alcohol content between 30 and 40°.

One question we are often asked is 'what does the genepì taste like?' It's not easy to answer that question... It certainly tastes sweet and pleasant and smells like a mountain:in short, sipping it seems to be in an Alpine valley!

What are the properties of the genet?

Originally, a glass of water was added a little infused with geneps to obtain toning, refreshing, antiseptic and expectorant effects or to counteract flu symptoms. Today you can use it at the end of the meal as a digestive.

How do you drink the genepì?

Smooth at the end of the meal or it can be used as an ingredient for cocktails.

Now all you have to do is taste it...

In Canavese the production is mainly concentrated in Val Soana,a splendid valley that is located on the south side of the Gran Paradiso massif,wedged between the Orco valley and the Valchiusella. In our catalogue there are two producers awarded the Quality Mark of the Gran Paradiso National Park: L'ort De Tchampiy and La Stella Alpina. Discover their liqueurs!

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