Dolce Capriccio 75cl
  • Dolce Capriccio 75cl

Dolce Capriccio 75cl

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M.P.F. Dolce Capriccio (Partially Fermented Must). Sparkling wine with a sweet and sparkling taste
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Harvest: firsthalf of September.
Collection:manual, in cassettes.
Vinification:direct ressatura of the grapes, cleaning of the must and rapid fermentation start in autoclave. When you reach 5.5%Vol, you close the autoclave by trapping CO2 up to 5%Vol. This partially fermented must is thus filtered and bottled with satin cap closure.
Alcohol: 5%Vol
Total acidity : 5.5-6.5g/L
pH: 3.15am-3.30am
Total sulphur dioxide :120mg/L
Bottle holding over the years: 1 year.

Features for tasting
Color: soft yellow, white foam.
Aromas:fragrant, intense fermentative aromas, yellow fruit, apple, pear.
Taste:sweet, frothy.



75cl glass bottle
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