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The Drunk 350g

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L'Ubriaco is a soft salami richin flavor, flavored with Chatus,a vine grown in Canavese from which you get a fruity red wine. After resting 4 days in steel containers to maintain the aroma of the wine, "The Drunk" is seasoned for at least a month at a temperature of about 17°C.

The cured meats are handmade. The weight of the product can therefore vary by 10% more or less than indicated.

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Ingredients:pork meat, salt, aromas, spices, sugar, wine. Antioxidant: E301. Preservatives: E252, E250.

Produced with culatello 70%, bacon 30%, salt, pepper, Chatus wine. Natural "rose tip type" casing of pure Piedmontese pig.
Gluten-free. Lactose-free.

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