Salam d'la duja 400g
  • Salam d'la duja 400g

Salam d'la duja 400g

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Pure pork salami preserved in fat.
This particular preservation technique, born in the humid plains of Piedmont, keeps the meat soft and enhances its taste.
The name derives from the glazed terracotta container that was used to preserve salami (doja).

Gross weight: about 400g

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Widespread throughout Piedmont, it was born in the humid eastern plains of Novara, Vercelli and Biella.
But why here? Because it was necessary to find an alternative to the classic technique of maturing and preserving salami in a cool, ventilated and dry environment, a technique made very complicated by the environmental humidity of these areas.
It was therefore decided to mature and preserve the cured meats in fat, inside a container ("duja"), isolated from the external environment.

The ingredients to create salam d'la duja are: lean and fatty pork meats (shoulders, bacon, lard, thigh, culatello, coppa, chopped counter), salt, pepper, garlic, spices and wine.

Recommendations for consumption: remove the salami from the fat and clean it with the blade of a knife and with rough paper; remove the casing and cut it into rather thick slices.

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