Organic honey vinegar 250ml
  • Organic honey vinegar 250ml

Organic honey vinegar 250ml

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Organic honey vinegar is the oldest that man knows, produced only with honey and water.

Born from nectar, honeydew and bee enzymes, it does not undergo pasteurization; we pass first through the alcoholic fermentation of the water mixed with honey and then, through the skilful use of airy temperatures, we favor the action of bacteria that, transforming alcohol into acetic acid allow to obtain a food with unique characteristics for aroma and flavor.

No preservatives, no additives. It does not contain sulphites.

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Ingredients: organic Italian honey, water

Taste: pleasantly acidic, light and digestible, honey vinegar gives the palate a soft freshness, able to give tone and scent to the tasty dishes to which it is combined.

Color: rich in enzymes and mineral salts, this product is clear and transparent, with a pinch of gold color, as if to remember the honey from which it derives.

Tips for use:season any type of salad, make meats and fish tastier; enrich the sauces and sweet and sour. Diluted in water and served cold is a great quenifying

Country of origin: Italy

ICEA BIOLOGICAL CERTIFICATE - controlled operator No. I1865 - control body authorized by MIPAAFT: IT BIO 006 - AGRICULTURE ITALY



250ml glass bottle
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