Forest Honey - Honeydew
  • Forest Honey - Honeydew

Forest Honey - Honeydew

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Unlike other types of honey, honeydew does not come from flower nectar, but from sugar secretions present on forest plant species.
Very rich in mineral salts,it has a strong and penetrating aroma,spices. Not verysweet, the taste is characterized by hints of malt and caramelized sugar.
Indicated in combination with cheeses.

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Ingredients: Italian honeydew honey

Harvest period :August

Provenance: Piedmont

Consistency: Liquid honey

Color: Dark amber, almost black

Taste :Not very sweet, slightly caramelized; strong smell of spices

Recommendedfor: Accompany cheeses, both fresh and medium-aged

Country of origin: Italy



Glass jar of 40g, 200g, 400g, 750g
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