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Sunflower honey is immediately distinguishable from other types of honey due to its intense yellow color,similar to that of egg yolk.
It has a peculiar scent, vaguely reminiscent of straw; the taste is fruity,vaguely reminiscent of ripe apricot.
It is often used in the production of sweets.
Among the benefits of sunflower honey, in addition to being an excellent substitute for sucrose,it is a real natural supplement of mineral salts,especially calcium and magnesium.

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Ingredients: Italian sunflower honey

Harvest period :June - July

Provenance: Marche and Abruzzo

Consistency: Crystallized honey

Color: Very characteristic, bright yellow; remember the egg yolk

Taste :Refreshing on the palate and not excessively sweet, remember the ripe apricot

Recommendedfor: Sweetening drinks, ideal spread on toast and buttered

Country of origin: Italy



Glass jar of 40g, 200g, 400g
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