Organic Chestnut Honey
  • Organic Chestnut Honey

Organic Chestnut Honey

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Of particularly liquid consistency, chestnut is less sweet than other types of honey and has a bitter aftertaste. For this reason it is particularly suitable to accompany salty foods. Great with black bread, lard and nuts.
It can help you overcome sore throat and poor digestion

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Maturity: 36 months

Ingredients: Italian organic chestnut honey

Harvest period :June - July

Provenance: Piedmont and Calabria

Consistency: liquid honey

Color: variable, from reddish to almost black walnut

Taste:bitter, intense aroma, tannic

Recommendedto: accompany aged cheeses, black bread, lard and nuts

Country of origin: Italy

Notes: ORGANIC PRODUCT - Controlled by ICEA Control Body authorized by MiPAAF: IT BIO 006 - Operator Code n°I1865



Glass jar 40g, 200g, 400g, 750g, 1Kg
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