Dishwasher - Various sizes
  • Dishwasher - Various sizes
  • Dishwasher - Various sizes
  • Dishwasher - Various sizes

Dishwasher - Various sizes

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  • Bottle 1 liter
  • Mini Box 5 liters
  • Box 20 liters

The Brillor Dishwasher Agridetergente is suitable for short-cycle industrial machines and for home dishwashers.
Brillor Dishwasher degreases and deodora deep. The saponins of the phytoolacca, in synergy with the degreasingforce of laurel, nettle,lemon and rosemary,act strongly and decisively on every type of fat and smell.
The presence of vinegarguarantees the brilliance of cutlery and crystals, without the need for sparkling.
Bouquet:fruity sweet and sour, orange.

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Doses and recommendations foruse: the product should be used pure, spraying on the dishes rinsed and placed in the basket of the dishwasher; you can also pour the product into the appropriate tray until it is filled.
For the best yield of the product do not use the pre-wash function, neither salt, nor shining.
We recommend a weekly cleaning of the filter and a rinsing of the dishwasher with white vinegar with short vacuum cycle.
To break down the hardness of the water: in order to keep the dishwasher in good condition, the use of magnetic bars or softeners is recommended.

Storage mode:keep in a cool place and not exposed to the sun.



Bag in box with tap of 5 and 20 liters in food PET and cardboard
Recyclable 1 litre PE bottle
Keep cool and not exposed to the sun
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