Basil and pine nuts flowers
  • Basil and pine nuts flowers

Basil and pine nuts 500g flowers


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Liguria in the filling!
Fiorelloni of fresh egg pasta stuffed with basil pesto, ricotta, mozzarella and pine nuts.

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Cooking time:5 minutes from boiling.

Pasta ingredients (44%): soft wheat flour "00", durum wheat semola, eggs (20%), spinach 1.54%, water.

Stuffed ingredients (56%): ricotta vaccina (whey, milk,lactic acid), mozzarella (contains milk),pesto 10.6% [sunflower seed oil, basil 17%, cashews,olive oil, Grana Padano PDO cheese(milk,salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme (natural eggprotein),extra virgin olive oil, PDO pecorino romano(wholesheep's milk, lactic ferments, salt, rennet), pine nuts 0.5%, vegetable fiber, salt, preservative E200, acidity corrector E270, antioxidant E300], potato bow, breadcrumbs (soft wheat flour type "0", brewer's yeast, salt), potato starch, vegetable fiber, salt, flavors, basil 0.8%. Sprinkle with rice cream.



500g tray in protective atmosphere
Cereals, nuts, milk, eggs. Possible traces of celery, soybeans, crustaceans.
Freezeable product.
In the refrigerator at 0°/+4°. After opening consume within 3 days.
Product to be consumed after cooking.
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