Red banquet flour BIO 1kg
  • Red banquet flour BIO 1kg
  • Red banquet flour BIO 1kg
  • Red banquet flour BIO 1kg

Red banquet flour BIO 1kg

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Organic flour obtained from stone grinding of red corn of Banchette, Pignoletto Rosso variety. This type of grinding heats the flour less and keeps its organoleptic properties intact.
For a tasty, fragrant polenta with an unmistakable fragrance!

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Because banchette's organic red corn flour is synonymous with high quality:

  • The seed :native seed that is collected and carefully selected from year to year.
  • Planting:it is carried out on a land surrounded by woods that constitute a natural barrier against pollination with other hybrid corn.
  • Work processes:all done by certified biological method.
  • Harvest: performed when the product has reached a certain degree of ripening.
  • Drying:it is performed with double chamber and low temperature burner to keep the properties of the product unchanged. Drying lasts about 10 hours.
  • Cooling:the product, after drying, is cooled.
  • Cleaning: thecorn is cleaned by a machine that separates impurities and any broken grains during harvesting.
  • Storage:the clean product is stored in special food silos.
  • Analysis:each batch of product is analysed (mycotoxins).
  • Grinding:carried out with natural stone mill that in a single step transforms the beans into flour, without heat alterations. This grinding process gives a flour rich in tastes and aromas. A well-hammered stone can grind 150 kilos of flour per hour.
    Once ground, the grains of the cob are carefully packed and from here they end up in the pot and on the table. This brings to an end the story of THE RED CORN OF BANQUETS, started by a seed and concluded in the dishes.
  • The brand: those who want to be sure that they have purchased RED CORN flour must pay attention to the label because learning to read it is the only method that the consumer has in order not to run into fraud.


Pack of 1kg
May contain traces of gluten
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