We at Katuma care very much about our customers; that's why we've decided to implement a points collection program that rewards your loyalty!

How does that work?

It's very simple: for each confirmed order you accumulate loyalty points that you can use to discount subsequent purchases.
For every €10 spent you receive 1 point. Each point is worth €0.20.
Discounted products do not contribute to obtaining points.

Participating in the points collection costs nothing, you just have to register.
Each point acquired is valid for one year.
To get the full picture of the points earned and to convert them into discount coupons for use in your purchases, access your reserved area : you'll find everything in the " My Loyalty Points" section.

To convert your loyalty points into discount coupons you don't have to reach a minimum amount: you can do it whenever you want.
The generated discount voucher can be applied to all products in the catalog; discounted products and shipping costs are excluded.
The discount voucher code should be entered in the appropriate field during the order confirmation phase.