For logistical reasons or because they are easily perishable, some products in our catalog are currently not shippable by courier.
If placed in the cart, at the order confirmation the courier will not appear among the "Shipping Methods" and will block the entire order.
In order to confirm the order, simply remove the non-shippable product or products from the cart.

Below are the products - or product categories - currently not shippable:

- Fresh cheeses (ricotta, crescenza, tomino a roll, primosale, fresh tomini)
- Sliced cured meats
- Meat
- Yogurt and dessert (yogurt and panna cotta)
- Breadsticks and fresh bread
- Gastronomic preparations based on egg (Russian salad, veal with tuna sauce)
- Eggs, fruits and vegetables

The description of each non-shippable product contains the following wording:
It can be purchased only in case of home delivery in Canavese, Biellese and Bassa Valle or collection at the Bollengo point of sale".

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