Lago SirioThe Canavese, a territory rich in charm and naturalistic, historical and artistic treasures,extends between green valleys and rolling hills dotted with vineyards and castles, parks, nature reserves and snow-capped peaks. Thanks to numerous marked hiking routes,you can discover the wild and unspoiled nature of the Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea and its glacial lakes.

The Area of the Cinque Laghi della Serra d'Ivrea offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the green by walking, cycling or riding between the paths that connect these moraine basins: San Michele in Ivrea, Campagna a Cascinette, Sirio between Ivrea and Chiaverano, Pistono in Montalto Dora and Nero between Montalto Dora and Borgofranco d'Ivrea.
The largest and best known lake is certainly Lake Sirius; its deep and calm waters are swimmable, which makes it a privileged destination for tourists in the summer season. You can make a loop route around the lake; two variants lead to the discovery of the Ballerina Lands - a former peat land whose ground at the bottom of the depression is elastic and sways under your steps - and the remains of the Roman aqueduct.
The ring of Lake Pistono (or Montalto) winds through vineyards and chestnut woods and in its waters is mirrored, majestically, the castle of Montalto Dora.
Suggestive is lake Nero,whose dark and wild charm has given rise to numerous legends. Not by chance, along the path that develops around its shores it is possible to admire a funeral tombstone, an erratic boulder and the mysterious "Guardian's House".
If you are looking for a green oasis of quiet and relaxation, Lake Campagna is the perfect destination. From the path that runs along it you have a splendid view of the San Giuseppe Castle, the Mombarone, the Serra and Chiaverano.

Canavese is also a land of vineyards. One of the best known wines is certainly the Nebbiolo di Carema,produced in the municipality of the same name.
Thanks to the Vineyard Trail it is possible to visit at all times of the year the vineyards and the most important emergencies of the country: the ancient and perched terraces, the characteristic stone piluns, the carved portals and the mighty medieval buildings.

Finally, in Canavese you can also breathe mountain air, thanks to Valchiusella. The lower valley is characterized by hilly hills covered with dense woods. This area belongs geologically to the Morainic Amphitheater of Ivrea and is home to some natural lakes: those of Alice and Meugliano.
In its highest part, the Valchiusella is bordered by a chain of mountains whose most important peaks reach 2820 meters of Monfandì and 2756 meters of Monte Marzo (from whose slopes the Chiusella begins its course, to flow into the Dora Baltea near Strambino).
The upper Valchiusella has the typical features of a valley formed after the last glaciation. After the retreat of the great Dora Baltea glacier, the morphology of the territory is presented with a series of circuses and shelves, sometimes occupied by small lakes.
The "Furce Lakes" (2165 meters), the "Lake Liamau" (2337 meters), the "Lakes of the Buffa" (2176 meters) are destinations of beautiful hiking, which take place on well-kept and clean trails frequented also by the many flocks that still hang in the summer.