AMIThe AMI Museum Network is an interprovincial, innovativeinitiative, which aims to enhance the museum sites present in the territory through a lasting promotional action, aimed at making them known as part of a system representative of the culture and traditions of the territory.

At the same time, it intends to guarantee a certain opening programme and a satisfactory reception of visitors through the employment of young people who, after a training programme for museum operators, will be involved in the management and opening of museums on the weekends of the summer season.

The project also aims to activate the attention of local operators and the population on economic opportunities linked to a greater influx of visitors. The involvement of local administrations and economic operators will, in this context, be decisive in ensuring that the supply of goods and services is adequate and aimed at building a satisfactory and lasting relationship with visitors.

The AMI Museum Network is thus a candidate to become a permanent structure, active seasonally, capable of enriching the cultural and tourist offer of the Morenico Amphitheater in Ivrea.

The AMi Museum Network is managed by the AMI Ecomuseum: go to thelist of museums of the AMI museum network