salampatataCanavese is a land of oenogastromic excellences that derive from ancient traditions. Thanks to the unique characteristics ofthe territory, whose glacial origin makes its lands rich in mineral salts, it is the ideal place for the cultivation of vines and berries, for the production of honey and for the breeding of animals.

In particular, the presence of the lakes, the hills of the morainic amphitheater and the constant ventilation coming from the Aosta Valley, make the Canavesan microclimate particularly favorable for viticulture. Erbaluce, Canavese Rosso and Carema are among the most renowned wines.

Thanks to the cultivation of legumes, corn and cereals, in Canavese you canfind exclusive typical products: cortereggio piattella (thin-skinned white bean),Montalto Dora cabbage, Ivrea onions, Chivasso rib tomato, red banquet corn, many blueberry crops and other berries and... Ajucca, a spontaneous herb with which a delicious soup based on stale bread is prepared.

Among the fine and rare cheeses of the Alpine tradition are civrin della Val Chiusella, Toma 'd Trausela, Murtret di Quincinetto and all the delicious tomes produced in the alpine pastures of the Orco and Soana valleys. A unique experience is to taste salignun with miasse,a dish not found anywhere else!

Then, among the cured meats, the refined Salam 'd patata and the classic Piedmontese cotechini and salami.

There are also many varieties of honey from sweet to gaggia flowers (acacia) to the most robust chestnut.

We conclude with sweets with a peasant flavor, whose tradition resides in the common ovens of the countries: the torcetti of Agliè,the peanuts of Chivasso, the canestrelli of Borgofranco, the pasta 'd melia...

And it's not over: chocolate and chocolates, grappas and liqueurs, candies, hemp products, pastry, juices, syrups, herbal teas, medicinal herbs...