The Katuma Depot is at levior sas in Mascagni Square, 11 - 10015 Ivrea TO (GPS: Latitude 45.459409 longitude 7.884014).
WARNING: ours is not a physical store. We only sell online. In deposit it is only possible to pick up orders placed on the site or by telephone.

We are located in the area called Ex Montefibre in a building that in the past had the name of Meeting Point near the Third Bridge and gramsci Scientific High School.

Below are a series of images to guide you to our Depot, or at the bottom of the page you can find the interactive Google map.

Mappa katuma 1

Mappa katuma 2

Mappa katuma 3

Mappa katuma 4

Mappa katuma 5

Mappa katuma 6

Mappa katuma 7

Mappa katuma 8

Mappa katuma 9