Katuma is the portal to discover and buy food and wine excellences, and not only, selected from small producers of the Canavesano area. In addition, Katuma connects the best restaurants and the best Hotels and B&Bs in the area to provide a complete and high-level proposal on everything the territory can express.

How we choose products

We carefully evaluate each proposed product, which must be an expression of the Canavesano territory, requiring producers to provide all the information necessary to guarantee its quality. In addition, the quality is guaranteed by our staff who taste the proposed products. Ours is a constant search for typical products that always represent excellence.

Our rules

In the selection of products available on the portal we apply only one rule: we propose only products for which, we first, would happily spend our money.
This requires the utmost severity in the choice, which leads us to exclude all products that do not meet the high standards we have set ourselves.
In addition, we select typical products that are an expression of a uniqueness to be discovered, paying particular attention to those producers who act with respect for the environment.

How we select products

We work with constancy and professionalism to find the small producers present, but unknown, of the Canavesano territory.
As mentioned, each product is evaluated and tasted to give a quality assessment that certifies it as "excellence".
If the quality is considered to live up to Katuma's standards and the price considered fair, then the product will be approved and proposed on the portal.

How we select restaurants, hotels and B&Bs

As with products, we also seek quality and excellence when we include restaurants, hotels, bed&breakfasts or wine bars in our portal.
We personally visit each facility to verify that the information we are provided corresponds to reality.
If the property is considered to live up to Katuma's standards then it will be proposed on the portal.