We package and package the products with the utmost care and care to ensure that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Double wave boxes

To ensure reliable shipping and maximum protection of its content, we only use double wave cardboard boxes. A box, in its simplest form, consists of two flat paper surfaces, called covers, which enclose a corrugated paper; everything is linked with the use of natural adhesives. The combined action of flat covers with the internal wave gives rigidity and resistance to the whole and determines its effectiveness in the packaging and transport of goods.

The boxes

We use boxes of various sizes so that the products perfectly fit the size of the box. Each box is closed with a ribbon with the words "FRAGILE" so that the courier is alerted to the potentially fragile content.



On both sides of the box there is a "KATUMA" label so as to identify in a certain way that the package has been shipped to us.


Product protection

Each product is individually protected by covering it with a layer of Pluriball.



The products, wrapped in pluriball, are placed in a chosen box in order to minimize free space to prevent products from moving during transport. In turn, the box is coated with a sheet of large bubble Pruriball.

Imballo 2


After that, all the blanks are filled with packaging material (polystyrene chips or air cushions).



After filling each space, the box is closed and sealed for delivery to the courier.

Imballo 4