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The Dadée Company (from the acronym of our names Davide, Daël, Chadée, Idée) is an innovative supply chain - which combines the agricultural, aromatherapeutic and artistic sectors - all made in Tavagnasco (To).

It cultivates flowering hay, certified organic, according to quality protocols for a correct transformation and conservation of nutritional properties and breeds Piedmontese beef cattle (coalve certificates) born and fattened on the farm, according to controlled food protocols that mainly provide for the use of internal raw materials.

Dadée offers fine Piedmontese meat, tender and tasty and with excellent qualities (low fat, low cholesterol, lots of iron and B vitamins) prepackaged in practical vacuum packs strictly labeled . The entire supply chain is managed on the farm: from the cultivation of fodder, to breeding, to cutting, to packaging. A real Km0!