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The La Cabossa project was born in 2017 from the idea of Marco Magnano to create innovative products respecting the Piedmontese tradition. La Cabossa aims to search for excellent raw materials of the territory, keeping the supply chains short and direct relationships with producers to ensure, in addition to excellent quality, also respect for the environment as well as workers.

After finishing the hotel in Turin and taking the qualification in the 'kitchen sector', Marco worked first in the city and then abroad as a cook. During this period he had the opportunity to rediscover his passion for chocolate, a food that has always fascinated him. After three years of work in an artisan workshop in Leinì, he refined this art and started this project.

Why "La Cabossa"?
Because it is the name of the fruit of the cocoa tree. From the shape of a cedar, it contains the cocoa beans from which chocolate is obtained.