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The Caseificio Garda, an all-female company,was born in Albiano d'Ivrea about 60 years ago with Mrs. Garda Ines, the first of three generations of house. She then moved on to her daughter Silvana Zuffo and at the end of the nineties to her niece Luisa Zanetto, who today, together with her husband Chini Filipetto Piercarlo, carries on this ancient tradition.

The main productions of the dairy are Toma and Butter.
Craftsmanship is the flagship of the dairy. The collection of milk on the farms of Canavese and the personal knowledge of each farmer allow Luisa to have the security of traceability and the way of operating of each of her conferential.

Today the Caseificio Garda still manages to work in an artisanal way about 220 quintals of milk per day transforming it into Tome.
For the production of butter, on the other hand, the cream obtained from the titration of the milk is churned and then simply portioned without the addition of any preservatives: everything happens manually.

Luisa and her collaborators have always worked trying to offer products of the highest quality in respect of raw materials and the territory. This led them to obtain the recognition of Artisan Excellence in 2008 and to be part of the Consorzio Toma Piemontese PDO.