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Barone Canavese, a small village nestled between the morainic hills and Lake Candia, operates the roasting Antico Piemonte where, every day and for three generations, we relive the commitment and tradition in the craftsmanship of this dark essence in order to offer a coffee rich in culture and tradition.

Regardless of the varieties used in the different mixtures that roasting offers, in addition to an unparalleled and persistent aromatic development, the result is an extract free of acidity, characteristic of a perfect and in-depth artisan roasting that stands out tangibly from industrial. It also allows, without any disturbance, a high and quiet digestibility.

In addition to the roasting of coffee,Antico Piemonte also enhances the aromas and tastes of local products,with a series of proposals such as the Crema Reale al Passito di Caluso, the Crema Bicerin, the Torcetti al Passito, the Brût and Bùn, the Amarettoni Torinesi, the Gianduiotti, the Canavesani al Passito, the Truffles of Hazelnut and Coffee.