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As children, at that age when you imagine astronauts or footballers, we trusted that it would be nice to one day be able to produce Erbaluce Passito, this magical product that was part of our popular tradition and that, on autumn evenings, our grandparents and parents took us to see and taste.

Many years have passed, each of us has completed his path, both in family and professional life, but one day we found ourselves talking about our dream: as if time had not passed, with the same carefreeness with which, many years before, we talked about our projects.
And we realized that the time to realize our dream had finally arrived.
And so, with passion, tenacity, commitment and a lot of joy, we built La Masera. And we like to think that some of this passion and energy is found in our product and that some traces of our dream can also reach those who choose to taste our wines ...
"We saw our grandparents waiting for a whole year with the anxiety that a summer storm could frustrate the entire harvest but then the last rays of a summer now over delivered to the harvest ritual those beloved bunches of native and tenacious vine: the Erbaluce or Albaluce as the ancients called it.
Today as then, with our project we try to retrace those ancient gestures to revive that prodigy of taste and inner research that comes to life from a glass of Passito Herbaceous of Settimo Rottaro ...".