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The Erbe Di Brillor on the market since 2012 with innovative and basic products totally vegetable to clean houses, clothes and dishes.
It isa greencompany, which has as its means and end of its production respect for the environment and for water.

To better express his work and research, Le Erbe Di Brillor has given two neologisms, deposited andrecorded: "Agridetersivi" and "Agrisaponi", i.e. "detergents and soaps made with the products of the field".
These are the new words introduced by the owners of the Cascina Meira farmhouse in Val di Chy (TO), a real farm that produces detergents and soaps by hand,using raw materials coming mostly from its crops.
The union of their skills has led to the creation of high-yield products,which guarantee impeccable washes and are healthy and beautiful to see.