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LE QUERCE is a family business that was founded in 1998 when Giuseppe Perino decided to give a concrete development to his passion forbeekeeping.

Thanks to the incessant and laborious family activity and the rich vegetation of the Canavese morainic amphitheater, a line of high-quality organic honeys originates: ORGANIC NECTARS.

A rich range that includes different honeys,from classic acacia and chestnut trees, to the most sought after dandelion and rhododendron, obtained thanks to the practice of nomadism, leading bees to loot in the most pristine valleys and rich in blooms of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta.

The conformation of the Italian territory and the diversity of climates and vegetation allow to obtain a wide variety of monoflora honeys. Hence the company's mission: to offer a varied and high quality assortment: NECTARS.

This line was born thanks to the precious and trustworthy collaboration with some beekeepers operating in different areas of our country: from the woods of Piedmont, to the golden sunflower fields of central Italy, from the citrus groves of Calabria to the characteristic Mediterranean scrub of Sicily and Sardinia.

Always using honey as a basic ingredient, the line of I TESORIwas born, small whole fruit delicacies in honey and the delicious line, LE DELIZIE,composed of fruit spreads and exquisite candies enriched by the main products of the hive.

For the most refined palates, the company has instead created an exclusive artisan line with which it is possible to spoil yourself. In THE SINS are enclosed the delicious chocolates with a soft heart; the soft panettone stuffed with delicious creams and grappa with the fruity notes of citrus honey.

The assortment is completed with a range dedicated to human well-being and health: VIRTUES,a line of specific natural products such as pollen, propolis and royal jelly obtained from the precious benefits of the hive.

At the same time it has developed a new natural line - always organic - LE GENUINE composed of delicious jams and nutritious fruit juices that meets the needs of consumers most attentive to the authenticity of products.