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Green Italy was born as a spin off of the Ethical Garden Association in the morainic amphitheater of Ivrea. Since 2013 the energies have been channelled towards the replanting of Sativa Hemp in Canavese, disseminating the methods of sowing, harvesting and processing the seed and has focused its objectives towards the production and marketing of products derived from hemp sativa of the Piedmontese territory, sourcing it with other products of artisan quality, with particular attention to those of its territory. To achieve the objectives he started a collaboration with the growers of the Canavese, Vercellese and Biellese area.

The transformation takes place with the collaboration of artisan workshops.

Green Italy was established with the aim of encouraging the sale of Italian products, with particular attention to Hemp Sativa in all its transforms – such as flour, oil, whole and decorated seeds – and then extending to more elaborate products such as pasta, sweets and many others. Green Italy believes in the territory and in genuine Italian products. The Company's logo expresses the symbol of this philosophy based on simplicity and quality.