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The Villa family has always dedicated itself to theselection, care and promotion of Toma.

Our Margari (producers) are small family-run farms that have dedicated their lives to keeping this ancient tradition alive in the territory. Let us tackle with them the problems that can arise every day, pay considerable attention to the welfare of their animals and constantly monitor the products before they can reach us.

The refining phase allows the Tomes who have passed the first selection, to be accommodated in the maturing cellar, defined by many as vaults, where they are washed, massaged and cared for for three months... the rest is a family secret.

Over the years the companyhas obtained awards and awards,has been reported in the most prestigious guides in the sector and has participated in the most important events. Slow Food,in collaboration with the Turin Chamber of Commerce, recognized in 2006 Le Tome Di Villa with the title of Master of Taste.