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The farm Le Masche, located in Levone in the heart of Alto Canavese, was born from the desire of its young owner to restore the ancient wine making tradition of the Canavesan territory; his ambitious project is based on great passion, quality research, respect for the environment and authenticity of the product. Moved by great enthusiasm, applying modern and sustainable technologies, it has recovered at the advancing of the forest about 4 hectares of land claimed on the hills of the municipalities of Levone and Rivara. The production focused particularly on the enhancement of the native vines (Barbera, Freisa, Nebbiolo, Neretto and Chatus) but always respecting the typical ities and the specifications.

The company's commitment is to produce a quality wine that is the image of its territory; in the new cellar it aims to transform the precious product of the vineyard into quality and pleasantness. Wine is a symbol and it brings with it the aromas and flavors of its land and must be able to give the emotion of a trip to this territory. In a glass of authentic wine we find the passion, the effort of the winemaker, the peasant wisdom left as a witness by those who worked these vineyards before him with so much sacrifice and few means, his emotion for each new flowering, for every harvest and the concern with which he looks to the sky before every storm.

The name of the company and its wines is inspired by the story of 1474 or the educated trial against four Levonese women Antonia, Francesca, Bonaveria and Margarota accused of witchcraft by the Inquisitor Francesco Chiabaudi. Antonia De Alberto and Francesca Viglone died in the dramatic burning of 7 November 1474. Bonaveria was still incarcerated in 1475, while Margarota Braja had escaped from the prisons of rivara castle.