Borgofranco canestrelli sweet mixed flavors 200g
  • Borgofranco canestrelli sweet mixed flavors 200g

Borgofranco canestrelli sweet mixed flavors 200g


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A crumbly dessert with medieval origins. Great at the end of the meal with coffee!

Flavours: cocoa, vanilla, hazelnut, orange, lemon, chestnut, coffee, pistachio, mint and coconut in varying proportions

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The Canestrello dates back tomedieval times. In fact, during the festivities the Nebulas were prepared, sweets made from flour and butter that served to pay for the performances of actors-clerics and the organizers of the games for Pentecost. In Borgofranco the canestrelli are produced for the patronal feast and for the Carnival.

After the discovery of the Americas and the import of cocoa into Piedmont around 1650 it was possible to introduce this new ingredient, thus characterizing the Canestrelli of Borgofranco d'Ivrea. The doughof the canestrelli was reduced to small marbles,laid and pressed between two iron plates that were once heated on the fire while now they are heated electrically.

Each borgofranchese family has its own iron with the coat of arms of the initials of the head of the family. Those of La Bottega Del Canestrello are A and F the initials of Aldo Ferrando, founder of Bottega Del Canestrello in 1986. The coat of arms is recognizable and synonymous with quality.

Ingredients:soft wheat flour "00", sugar, butter, cocoa, fresh organic eggs, Piedmont hazelnuts, perch liquor, mint syrup, lemon zest, natural aromas of lemon, orange, pistachio, vanilla.



200g cellophane bag
Cereal, eggs, milk, nuts
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